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Manuel Market

A few years ago, Mr. Khalid Al Darwish had a story on his mind; it was about a man called Manuel, this man had a strong belief. This belief was that the sole and more efficient way of communicating was by normal mail. He was a traditional man, he loved the concept that a simple envelope and a stamp would travel the whole wide world in order to either bring good news or bad news, in the envelope the content could be varied but it would almost always get to the person it was addressed to.

With this simple idea, Manuel stamp was created. Manuel Supermarket travels the whole world in order to bring to its people food and goods, those are very good news, they can be organic foods or novelties that are good for the body and soul. Sometimes Manuel also brings bad news such as fatty foods, snacks, and sweets that might not be adequate for healthy nutrition but however are also good for the soul, as everyone should have what they like. We at Manuel have an enormous variety of different foods for all cultures, ethnic and local, we try every day to have a new something for our clients, our friends, our people.

Manuel is simply an envelope with a distinctive stamp; an invitation letter for everyone, young and old, local or expatriate, to receive news that comes from distance places, twenty-four hours a day, each day of the year.

It is with this idea that we try with God’s help to be a messenger of good things that feed our body and soul.

Manuel Market Offers in Saudi Arabia

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