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Hyper Panda

• Panda markets in 1978 as the first modern markets chain in the Kingdom by opening its first branch in Riyadh.

• Panda merged in 1998 with Al-Azizia, and Al-Azizia Panda United formed the largest share of the retail market in Saudi Arabia.

• In 1999, Azizia Panda United Company joined under the umbrella of Savola Group, one of the largest retailers in the Middle East.

• In 2008 and 2009, Savola Group acquired all branches of the department stores and the assets of Gean markets in the Kingdom, and was merged with Azizia Panda United Company, increasing its share to about 8% of the retail market in the Kingdom.

• Dr. Bandar Bin Talat Hamouh, CEO of Panda Retail.

• In November 2014, the trade name of the company was changed from (Azizia Panda United) to (Panda Retail).

• Today, Panda Retail has a market chain of over 200 branches with different markets, Panda and Hyper Panda, making it the largest retailer in the Kingdom with a wide geographical presence currently covering 38 cities in the Kingdom.

• The company provides its products and services to more than 400 four hundred million visitors annually, through its diverse markets Panda and Hyper Panda

• Panda applies a marketing strategy aimed at providing the best goods at the lowest prices .. In addition to providing innovative promotions .. And the establishment of marketing festivals for its customers.

• Panda retail markets are characterized by the existence of products with its own brand "Panda" which are sold exclusively within their markets only and are of high-quality products and competitive prices, accelerating their growth day by day to become one of the distinctive options for customers.

• Panda is pursuing an integrated strategy in the field of multi-program and multi-project social responsibility, which is based on its firm belief in the importance of its role in society as an integral part of it.

• Panda adopts many programs and projects aimed at serving the society in all its segments and categories, such as: "Let the rest be for them" program, Saudization and training programs, health awareness programs "Be healthy", in addition to projects related to the preservation of the Kingdom's environment, such as the national awareness project "My Environment" My friend, ”aiming to spread environmental culture among members of society.

• Panda is keen to provide an attractive work environment that meets the needs of its employees, at all practical and social levels, which contributed to increase the number of Saudi employees to more than 7,000 employees, out of a total of more than 25,000 employees.

• More than 2,250 Saudis benefit from Panda's seasonal employment programs annually.

• Panda employs more than 268 employees with special needs, in addition to more than 500 students in the training programs ending in employment provided by the company for this category.

• Panda continuously focuses on training its employees and developing them on more than one level.It was launched in 2002 (Panda Academy) to qualify and train the cadres of the company's employees, and develop the skills and abilities of employees, where the average number of trainees annually more than 8,000 trainees.

Our Vision:

"To be the first in the regional retail trade .. derived from our customers and our constant innovation to meet their needs"

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